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I love meeting people and hearing their stories – and the cool thing is, people seem to know it, and often tell me the coolest stuff within minutes of meeting me. A couple of weeks ago, I met a mom and she started pouring out her heart in the first five minutes after we met.

And she said the most amazing thing – something I’d written in my “marketing” for the Women’s Wellness Circles that I do (I never think of it as marketing – it’s more like inviting people to a party and looking for the ones the party is perfect for). I felt like she’d read what I wrote.

Here’s what she said:

“It’s like, I’ve done the work thing, I’ve done the wife thing, I’ve done the mom thing – now who the hell am I?

I wrote something pretty close to that 6 years ago, because I could feel that story around me in the moms I was sharing with every day. No one ever said it quite like that, but I could feel it – and over years in our precious Circles, it has been amazing to feel the ripples of that conversation through our group and out into the families and the world beyond the Circle.

In our last Friday night Circle, we asked a key question, and I want to offer this question to you right now.

Here’s the question: “What can I do, right now, to feel fully alive?”

This question was shared with me recently by a wise woman I know, and I’ve checked in with this question, over and over, since. And guess what? Asking this question, then acting on the answer, in the moment, puts me in touch with me. When I feel fully alive, I know who I am, I know what I want, and I have access to that deep place in myself that shows me the path that is really and truly mine. I am happier, and wiser, and more peaceful.

When we asked this question in our group, I noticed that there were some consistent trends in the immediate responses. Very often, feeling fully alive meant moving, stretching, relaxing the body. Often it meant connecting with nature, being outside. Sometimes it meant making a sound, singing along, dancing, expressing something, creating a sensual moment. Often it meant taking a deep, deep breath.

Then someone said, “I’d have to really plan ahead to feel fully alive.” We all laughed, and this has been ringing in my head ever since.

The thing that struck me was that we don’t feel fully alive when we’re in our heads – thinking, planning, organizing, judging what’s right or wrong around us, or within us. We feel fully alive when we’re aware of being in our bodies – right now – and – we are ALWAYS in our bodies, so we ALWAYS have access to feeling fully alive. Even just giving attention to our body for one second, right now, will bring life force to the surface. Moving into the body frees the mind to release and relax and be creative – to feel who you are.

Years ago (back when I had time to really plan ahead to feel fully alive), I attended a 5-day meditation workshop where I experienced a profound moment of connection – in a flash I could hold in my awareness, all at once, the thoughts of my mind, the feelings of my body, and the deep knowing of my heart. It was amazing. I felt expansive and light. And I noticed it and remembered it because so often in life we are in our heads – our minds, so far from our bodies, and without access to our heart or intuition or spirit or whatever that other part of self is – the part that our body awareness connects us to.

So that’s it – my gift to you today is this question. Who you are is right here, right now, in every moment, living to be breathed and felt and known. Enjoy her! Enjoy him! Eventually, if you practice this enough, you may find, like I have, that it happens more and more automatically, that you can hold your whole experience in your awareness – while your children are climbing on your head, melting down, or making you late, while your house is in utter disarray and while you make it through another day without a moment to THINK.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s not the moments to THINK that matter.


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