Something really awesome is happening these days, and there’s a good chance that YOU have been a part of it – without even knowing it. In so many conversations and communities and grassroots villages, parents have come together around the shared value of gentle, peaceful parenting. On school playgrounds, in coffee shops, in homeschooling groups, in playgroups, in parenting classes, in wellness circles, and in frank heart-to-heart, mom-to-mom, parent-to-parent discussions, parents have set the example, made difficult choices, supported one another, and learned new ways of supporting their children.

These ways aren’t easy for most of us. They involve internal struggle, changing beliefs, thoughts, and behaviour patterns that were formed in us as babies and children.

Doing things differently involves second-guessing yourself, wondering if you’re really doing the right thing, and challenging, over and over, and often unwillingly, yourself, your family, your friends, and the parents around you in the process. People that love you – or that don’t even know you – may accuse you of being a doormat, of having bratty kids (& no wonder why!), or of judging their parenting, when none of these things may be the case.

And, doing things differently comes with moments that break and uplift your heart. My daughter, at age five, watched an interaction on a playground between another parent and child, slipped her hand into mine, sadly, and said, “I’m so glad you don’t punish me, mama.” In that moment, I could feel the depth of her trust in me.

So many of the gentle parents I know have shared these special moments with me. Sometimes it’s external validation, a shocking, revelatory, “I changed my mind, I think you got it right,” from a grandparent, or a tearful “thank you” from a friend or acquaintance whose parenting journey you affected powerfully, without even meaning to. Often, it’s a moment with your child. (Please share those – we all need to hear!)

Conscious, thoughtful parents – keep doing what you do! You already make a huge difference!

Wow – I’m on a roll here – but here’s the point. I’m starting something really cool that inspires me deeply. There are so many amazing businesses and organizations here that make such an incredible difference to the whole parenting conversation in my city of Calgary (Babes in Arms, Dr. For Moms, APVillage, Riva’s EcoStore, REAP Business Association, to name a few). With their commitment and dedication to goodness, these organizations have created conversations that have already changed the way Calgary families live.

With the help of all of these organizations, and many more, Full Circle Parenting is going to start sharing gentle sleep classes for babies in Calgary on a very regular basis. As you may know, I’ve been doing baby sleep classes and lots of sleep coaching in Calgary for years, but I’m ready to kick it up a notch. These classes will create a foundation for gentle parenting, at a time when many parents are experiencing their very first parenting struggle. They will introduce new parents to an amazing village of organizations and businesses that will continue to support them in their gentle parenting journey, and will give them the information they need to follow their hearts, build lifelong relationships with their little ones, and even get more sleep.

Yawnwatermark2To make this a gentle sleep movement, not just a baby sleep class in Calgary, I need your help. Please share the sleep classes with all the new parents you know. If you know of a great place to leave a bunch of brochures, let me know and I will deliver them. If you know a professional who works with babies, please share the information with them or share their information with me and I will connect.

Use Discount Code FOLK (Friend of Lisa Kathleen) for a special discount to the class ($80 off), or to share your discount with a friend.

Most of all – keep doing what you do! Keep feeling into your heart, getting the information and support you need, and starting the conversations that help you be the parent you want to be. You may not ever have realized it – but you are making a huge difference beyond your family, no matter how imperfect you feel your parenting is.

Sending so much love and support on your parenting journey, and appreciating the change we are making – together – for our children and their world.