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Everything You Need to Plan a Summer That Your Family Will Never Forget



The Summer Sanity Saver will walk you through how to plan for long unstructured days, indoors or out, time crammed into cars or planes, and how to survive time spent with relatives on holidays.

The Summer Sanity Saver workbook includes:
* tried and true songs to sing in the car
* tried and true games to play in the car or on a plane
* planning worksheets for your children to:
> help them pack,
> help them choose, budget for, and plan for activities
> make sure everyone in your family gets to do what’s important to them in the summer

The workbook on its own is awesome, and will save you hours of time that you might have spent arguing, cajoling, or listening to “I’m bored….” a thousand times.

And this is HUGE – the audio will show you how you can get children to find something to do, on their own, and DO IT! 

Get your Summer Sanity Saver and start feeling better about summer holidays right now!

Only $17


Together, Your Summer Sanity Saver Audio and Workbook will:
  • help eliminate the phrase “I’m bored!” from your child’s vocabulary
  • reduce whining and complaining on rainy or indoor days
  • help your family plan for rain, shine, time at home, car trips, plane trips, vacation travel, and time with relatives
  • move you from Frazzled and Fried to Peaceful and Prepared
  • make summer FUN for everyone!
I wish I’d created this years ago – for myself – because the year I used it was the best summer EVER!
Summer can be such a fun and connecting time for families, and I’d love to support your family in creating that for you!
Get your Summer Sanity Saver now and start to breathe easy, knowing that you and your kids’ll have a great time this summer.


Only $17


The information you’ll learn in this audio will set the stage for days off, rainy days, and time spent with family, all year long.  You will get insight into how children develop INITIATIVE and how you can support them to do so, how a few simple tools can help you to move in a new direction with relationships with relatives, and what will support children of different ages on car trips or plane rides.

The Summer Sanity Saver Audio and Workbook will help you and your family to have a great summer, this year and every year!


Only $17

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