You know those times when you open your mouth and out comes….your mother!!??


My mom is awesome, but unfortunately, the times I sound like her tend not to remind me of when she is her very most awesome. Grrrr….

Sometimes, the ways we sound like our parents just make us laugh and shake our heads, but sometimes we’re stuck in a cycle that we really want to break, to support our children better, to find ways of parenting that are different than what we experienced.
When you can consistently parent in keeping with YOUR chosen values, not your parents’, you’ve broken the cycle and offered your children possibilities of new horizons.
The very first step in the process of parenting in keeping with your own values is taking a good look at what your values are, what exactly you want to offer your children and what messages you want them to absorb from you. Then comes the tricky part – determining what kind of parenting choices are most likely to give those specific gifts to your children.
To help you along in the process of clarifying your own parenting values, and to help you start your parenting off on the right foot in 2014, I’d love to offer you a gift copy of the Full Circle Parenting Peace of Mind Parenting Inventory. It will help you examine your parenting from your own perspective, and figure out what matters most to you in your relationship with your child. AND it’s the first step in my Big Picture Parenting Class starting on January 19th, so it will give you some time to think about some of the Really Big Stuff we’ll be talking about there.
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