So, what happens in a “Wellness Circle”, anyway?

The Wellness Circle is a safe place to really feel into the hard questions, a supportive environment for you to relax, explore, and wonder aloud.

Our big question is, “Who am I, now that I’m a mom?” and, as you can imagine, the conversation and exploration ranges far and wide.

We start each Circle with a check-in, hearing from you about whatever is important for you in your experience of the moment or the month or this time in your life. We invite you to share anything you need to share to feel like you are completely there, fully present in the Circle. This is a special time to be witnessed as you reflect and breathe and release and be real.

Each Circle, I will follow my heart and your feedback to choose a topic that will shine light on some aspect of Motherhood that has triggered, inspired, connected, or opened hearts of moms I have worked with in the past. After the check-in, I bring forward the topic and facilitate an activity or a conversation. The Circle concludes with an opportunity to look into your experience of the activity or conversation, and synthesize a “take-away” from the Circle.

The Friday Evening Wellness Circle runs once a month, starting Friday, February 28th, 7-9 pm, and will recharge, inspire, encourage, and nurture you, from the inside out. I’m so, so thrilled to bring this Circle to life in its new home in the nurturing community space at Dr. for Moms.

I’d love to share in your mothering journey!
The Friday evening circle has limited space, so check in now to reserve your place.
In joy,
Lisa Kathleen