For Parents

For parents I provide a variety of services including coaching, classes, and guides you can read.

Be sure to check out all of my options and get in touch once you have selected what is right for you.

If you would like to try my services – contact me and I’ll get you a gift certificate that will make the first 15 minutes free. You’ll know after that the best option for you.

Coaching/Product Options:

Parent Coaching

Are you trying to find a way to deal with your child’s hitting, biting, or other forms of aggression?  (You want to give a clear message that the behaviour is not acceptable, but you don’t know how to do that without punishing.)

Are you trying to orchestrate transitions that work for everyone without losing your cool?

Are you trying to figure out how to honour your child’s emotions during temper tantrums, anger, or frustration, and help them move through their feelings without hurting themselves or others?

Are you exhausted, and trying to figure out how to have a better night’s sleep, while still supporting your child’s night-time needs?

Are you trying to decide when and whether to start potty-training, and how to go about it without stickers or M&M’s?

Are you working through sibling issues, and wondering how they can possibly be so mean to each other, when you love each of them so much?

Are you wanting to choose the right schooling situation for your child and family, but you’re overwhelmed with the choices that are available?

Are you looking ahead to the next phase in your child’s growth, and wanting to understand more about what to expect and how to prepare the physical, mental, emotional, or social environment that your child will thrive in?

Have you already read a bunch of books or attended classes, and do you need some specific, honed-in time to figure out which steps come first for you to get you from where you are now to being the parent you want to be?


Or are you just so overwhelmed that the idea of trying to figure it out on your own is exhausting?  


Discipline/Transition/Relationship-Building/Issue Specific Coaching Packages

Targeted Strategy Session

  • 1.5 hours, focused on a single issue.
  • We can cover a lot in 1.5 hours!
  • Includes:
  • Peace of Mind Parenting Inventory and Vision Guidance
  • What To Do Instead of Rewards, Punishment, Praise and Shame – Fridge Poster
  • Family Meeting Overview
  • Our time together will help you to understand the dynamics of what is happening for yourself and for your child, and together, we will develop a strong plan, that you feel great about, for how to address the situation.


Targeted 5 Hour Package

  • Peace of Mind Parenting Inventory and Vision Guidance (Reviewed by me ahead of time)
  • What To Do Instead of Rewards, Punishment, Praise and Shame – Fridge Poster
  • Family Meeting Overview
  • 1 to 1.5 hours get-to-know-you strategy session in your home, or video Skype (I prefer to meet your children for a short portion of this time). This session will include getting to know you, your children, and the dynamics you are experiencing, offering immediate input to begin shifting the situation immediately, and creating a road map of what we will address in future sessions.
  • Can address a number of issues.
  • 3.5 – 4 hours in-person, by Skype, or by phone, over a period of about 3 months.
  • Targeted sessions will address specific needs and situations.


Mastermind Group Coaching

  • You will work together with a group of conscious, committed and intentional parents, with my facilitation.
  • This group is for parents who are already somewhat grounded in the theory and practice of respectful, connected parenting, but need help strategizing and re-grounding around specific issues.

You are a good fit for this group if:

  • You are willing to share your struggles in order to further the learning of the group
  • You learn from the questions and experiences of others
  • You feel supported by conversations with other parents with similar values to yours
  • You want to know that you are not alone in your challenges

The Mastermind program includes:

  • Peace of Mind Parenting Inventory and Vision Guidance (Reviewed by me and addressed in our group meetings)
  • What To Do Instead of Rewards, Punishment, Praise and Shame – Fridge Poster
  • Family Meeting Overview
  • A community of committed parents focused on collaborative problem-solving, reconnecting, and deepening relationships with their children.
  • The group will meet once a month for 1 hour, by phone or webinar. We will primarily focus on coaching-style Q&A.
  • Calls will be recorded and shared with the group.
  • This group is ongoing.


6 Month Program

1 Year Program




Transformational Intensive

  • Fly me in, or work through Skype!
  • With live intensive time, and three to six months of consistent follow-up, we will transform your relationship with your children, for good. You will change your thought process, practice alternative ways of responding, and get solidly grounded in a new way of thinking, being, and connecting with your children.
  • Peace of Mind Parenting Inventory and Vision Guidance (Completed by you and reviewed by me ahead of time.) Ongoing support clarifying your vision.
  • What To Do Instead of Rewards, Punishment, Praise and Shame – Fridge Poster
  • Family Meeting Overview
  • 5 hours of integrated family time for me to get to know, observe, and understand the dynamics between you and your children.
  • 2.5 hours intensive live get-to-know-you, teaching and strategizing session – we will discover your triggers and needs, develop a short-term strategy to begin shifting your situation immediately, laugh, cry, and make a strategic plan for our future work together.
  • Twelve 45-minute coaching calls, weekly for three months, every second week for 6 months, or as necessary. We will go deep in these calls, cover lots, and get very specific about situations that need transforming.
  • Tailored homework, based on each parent’s needs, the time you have available, and what form of homework supports you most. May include book recommendations, audios or videos, blog posts, specific practices, workbooks, etc.
  • Ongoing review of videos of your difficult situations (up to 2 hours total). We will pinpoint what went wrong and what to do differently in future.
  • Unlimited email access to me.
  • Urgent phone access to me – option to call for an immediate conversation based on my availability, or schedule an emergency call within 2 days.

(cost of flight and accommodations not included)



Schooling Options

1.5 Hour Aiming Session

  • To get you pointed in the right general direction, based on hearing what matters to you most and me sharing Everything I Know Right Now, with you.


Shortlist (3 hours plus Audio/Workbook) (Calgary Only)

1.5 Hour Aiming Session

  • First hour – meeting with you to understand your child and your preferences, preferably after you’ve reviewed the audio.
  • One hour to research and compile information for you.
  • Third hour – meeting with you to share shortlist.
  • This process has never failed to include the school that my clients have ended up choosing for their child or children.


Shortlist (5 hours plus Audio/Workbook) (Outside of Calgary)

  • First hour – meeting with you to understand your child and your preferences, preferably after you’ve reviewed the audio.
  • Three hours to research and compile information for you about your local schools.
  • Fifth hour – meeting with you to share shortlist.




Sleep Coaching

1.5 hour Get-on-Track Session

Many parents these days have fears about creating bad habits that will ruin their child’s sleep forever. This reassuring option is for families with more sleep questions than sleep issues, who have read conflicting information, or are trying to figure out a strategy for moving forward with their little one. I will help you tune in to your child’s personality as it affects sleep, tune in to your own intuition, and get you on track so that you feel peaceful and confident with your approach to your baby’s sleep moving forward.



Reset Sleep Program

This package is for families with mild to severe sleep issues.

This package includes:

    • Get Sleep Now Audio/Workbook for your review before we meet
    • Sleep Inventory (completed by you and reviewed by me before we meet)
    • 1.5 hour initial meeting, including detective work, tour of your home, and creating an initial strategy
    • Second meeting within 1 to 2 weeks
    • 3.5 hours of coaching, in person, by Skype, or by phone.

Strategizing in three areas:

    • Helping you understand how babies sleep and how your baby’s sleep will improve
    • Helping you improve your own sleep immediately
    • Helping your baby learn to sleep better, gently and consistently
    • Urgent phone access for an immediate conversation depending on my availability, or an emergency appointment within 48 hours.

Helping a baby learn to sleep is not a quick fix, and illnesses, teething, introduction of solids, and developmental stages have big effects on sleep. This package will help you to see measurable improvement in your baby’s sleep, help you to get more sleep right away, and give you confidence about supporting your baby’s sleep moving forward.



Connect with me!  I’d love to ask the right questions,  hold your hand, and help you create clarity, understanding and immediate shift in your situation.

“This has helped me a lot! I’ve been struggling with this and REALLY needed some solid and timely advice on how to gently deal with the tantrums and also to get perspective on my very spirited 19 month old. It’s been a whole new journey, despite being a mom to an almost 4 year old too. Thanks Lisa Kathleen. Your wise counsel is appreciated!” L.R.

Connect with me to:

  • see and feel significant change in your patience, understanding, and stress-level
  • feel more in tune with your kids, more relaxed, and more loving when stresses arise
  • learn specific strategies to support your children to shift their behaviours
  • be supported and nurtured as a parent
  • move past guilt and find peace of mind
  • start shifting your situation NOW!

Connect with me to schedule your consultation, daytime, evenings or weekends, or to discuss whether Full Circle Parenting might be a fit for your family!

Nothing can take the place of a real connection with someone who listens, understands you, and trusts YOUR intuition.  I’d love to share an open ear and practical, effective suggestions that are specific to your circumstances, focused on your heart and your love for your particular, wonderful child.


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