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You are in the right place if:

  • You want to start your child’s schooling experience off right
  • Your child has been having a tough time in his or her current school and you think a change is in order
  • Your child is at the age of transitioning into preschool, grade school, middle school, jr. high, or high school, and you are overwhelmed with the choices available.
  • You are hoping this can happen for you –


“We are almost a month into the new school year at the new school, and… I don’t know whether to ‘cry’ from relief or ‘jump up and down’ for joy!?! Touch wood, this year has been a totally different experience from last year and I mean totally!! Just in Friday’s school agenda…(my son) wrote ‘I’m doing good in school at working’. What a difference from last year… finally we feel like (my son) is somewhere where he is treated ‘normally’ and not like there ‘is something wrong with him’.” C.V.

Or this:

“She loves her school! Yesterday she even asked me if she could go every day, even Saturdays!” M.E.


School Choice System

>> Looking for Your Complete School Choice System Audio and Workbook? Click here.


1.5 Hour School Coaching Session

To get you pointed in the right general direction, based on hearing what matters to you most and me sharing Everything I Know Right Now, with you. This time together will help you get clear about what choices are available, and what matters most to you.

Shortlist (5 hours plus Audio/Workbook) 

  • First hour and a half – meeting with you to understand your child and your preferences, preferably after you’ve reviewed the audio.
  • 2.5-3 hours to research and compile information for you about your local schools.
  • Fifth hour – meeting with you to share shortlist.
  • This process has never failed to include the school that my clients have ended up choosing for their child or children.
  • As always, if less research time is necessary, all unused time can be used for any other parenting topic of your choice.
Contact me at, or call me to discuss your particular situation or to book your first coaching session now.

**Remember, we have embarked on our California Adventure. However, together we can create the best case scenario to meet your needs:

  • Schedule Phone or Skype Coaching Calls
  • Schedule Skype Class for 10 or more participants
  • Fly me anywhere in North America to work one-on-one or with your group
  • Talk to me about when I will be in Calgary and we can plan something for you and your group





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