Schooling Options to Consider

Please note that this page does not specifically endorse any of these options.  Each child and family has different needs and factors that affect their choice and the best fit for that family. 

Montessori Schools

MMEC (Maria Montessori Education Centre) (

This lovely, solid Montessori program currently has programs for 18 months through 12 year-olds, and is situated in the Currie Barracks.  An Erdkinder (Montessori Junior High) program will begin in 2014.

Montessori Casa (

The Montessori Casa program for 2 1/2 through 6-year-olds is a private program which supports the public (k-6) Montessori programs and is housed in Killarney and Lake Bonavista Schools.  If you are considering the Montessori elementary program provided by the Calgary Board of Education, this preschool is a natural starting point, though some children also attend the three years of the Casa program and then transfer to another school for their elementary years.

Montessori School of Calgary (

This little school in the Mission area, just south of downtown, is housed in a lovely old building and prides itself on its accreditation by AMI, the Association Montessori International.  It has two Children’s House (Casa) classrooms, for 2 1/2 to 6 year-olds, and a small elementary program as well.

Calgary Montessori School (

The Calgary Montessori School has several preschool campuses in Calgary, for 2 1/2 through 6 year-olds.

River Valley School (

River Valley School runs private “progressive” and Montessori programs for children age 3 through grade 6.

Other Schools

Waldorf School (

The Calgary Waldorf School is housed in a beautiful building in Cougar Ridge.  The Waldorf Faire, each year before Christmas, is a vibrant and community-based event that welcomes all Calgarians.

Alexandra Playschool (Click here for the link.)

This is a Waldorf-based playschool housed in the Alexandra Centre in the Inglewood area.

Banbury Crossroads (

This school, located in the Currie Barracks, brings Alfie Kohn in to speak on a regular basis, and has a kind of “home schooling away from home” feel.

Lisa Kathleen can help you find the perfect schooling option for your family.  Click here for more details about school choice coaching with Lisa Kathleen.

Homeschooling and/or Unschooling

Click here for homeschooling resources in Calgary.

Click here for an article and more links about homeschooling in Calgary.

Click here for a link to Calgary’s Unschooling Community.

Reggio Emilia-inspired programs

There are several public schools in Calgary that are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, including Sunnyside School and Olympic Heights School.  Others have classrooms or teachers that are Reggio Emilia-inspired.  Families must live within the designated Calgary Board of Education catchment areas to access these schools.  The CBE seems to keep these programs a secret, as these schools are only accessible to those in the neighbourhood.

Discovery Preschool (

A Reggio-Emilia inspired program in the Killarney area.

St. Andrew’s Preschool (

A Reggio-Emilia inspired program on Heritage Drive.

CUPS One World Child Development Program

This preschool and support network is for families experiencing poverty.

Schooling Options Within the CBE

Click here for a list of schooling options within the Calgary Board of Education.

Calgary Science School (

This school is a Calgary Board of Education Charter School program.

Calgary Arts Academy (

Lots of great things about this arts-based charter school.

Lisa Kathleen coaches on school choice.  Click here for more details about finding the exact right fit for your family through coaching with Lisa Kathleen.

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