Are You Ready to Become the Parent You Want to Be?

"Have You Ever Spanked, Yelled, Lost Your Temper, Lost Control, Gotten Frustrated, and Felt Guilty About the Way You Handled Your Child?"

You can finally take a relaxing breath, because I can help you right now.

Lisa Kathleen

Do you find yourself yelling, threatening, or spanking when your children don’t listen to you? 

Are you dealing with hitting, whining, or tantrums, but not sure if you’re handling it “right”?

Are you exhausted, frustrated, and sounding like your mother, more often than not? 



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My name is Lisa Kathleen and I know how you feel.  

As a parent, I know that parenting is the greatest personal development course out there.  

I know that children will push every button you’ve got, and find new buttons with every age and stage.  As a teacher, school administrator, parenting coach and parent, I know that children have their own ways of doing things.  They have feelings, needs, personalities, and ideas that may or may not make any sense to you.  They do things – often – that aren’t in your plan. 

Over many years of working with children and parents of children from zero through 18, I’ve been a Montessori teacher for 6 through 12 year-olds, I’ve administered a preschool, and I’ve parented a child with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder through the teen years.  I have experienced many ups and downs, but over the years I have learnt the secrets to building a strong connection between you and your child which will last through the teen years and beyond. I’ve helped hundreds of families to reconnect, and hundreds of parents to start feeling really good about who they are as a parent.

My goal is to help you get back in touch with your most powerful parenting tool – your own intuition.  We’ll focus on developmental stages/needs, personalities, and tried and true long-term, relationship-building solutions that meet your children’s needs and your own. 

I’ve compiled this step by step guide showing you ways to not only respond (rather than reacting) to behaviours that trigger you, but also how to give your children the right messages, year after year, to help them develop more self-confidence, respect, joy, interdependence, and mental and emotional health, for the long-term.

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Just one of the ideas in this guide could change everything.

Lisa Kathleen
Your Coach for Creating a Lifetime of Real Communication and Conscious Connection with Your Kids

Free Guide will Reveal How To:
  • Help children “obey with joy”
  • Reduce nagging and enjoy your children more
  • Increase your child’s ability to learn new things
  • Help your children feel understood, so they will come to you when they need someone to trust  (this is the number one thing parents tell me they want in their long-term relationships with their kids)
  • Recognize good and bad frustration
  • Support healthy emotional expression – yours and your child’s!
  • Support your child’s feelings without “giving in”
  • Help your child process intense emotions
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