“I am so blessed that you are in my life.  Thank you for guiding me and supporting me through motherhood with all of your humour and wisdom.”  S.A.
“This has helped me a lot! I’ve been struggling with this and REALLY needed some solid and timely advice on how to gently deal with the tantrums and also to get perspective on my very spirited 19 month old (daughter). It’s been a whole new journey, despite being a mom to an almost 4 year old too. Thanks Lisa Kathleen. Your wise counsel is appreciated!” L.R.
“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the extra effort and pain you took to make (my son’s) experience a positive one. I can’t mention all of what you have done!!” R.V.
“(My son) has had quite a few good nights sleep in a row and he is taking naps during the day so he seems to be learning to sleep when he is tired. I feel much better too as a result.”   Update:  “Here is an update on (my son) and his sleeping…last night he slept all the way through the night by himself till 8:30 this morning so that is great…and he doesn’t seem to have an aversion to his crib anymore as long as we stay with him till he falls asleep. We feel we have made great strides in the last week and a bit.  Thanks again for all your help. We finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel now but will definitely call on your expertise if we have any setbacks in the next while.”
“(My husband) really enjoyed your class the other night – he’s been sharing insights non-stop. I’m sure we’ll be at more of them in the future.” L.B.
“I have known Lisa Kathleen for a number of years and have always found hers to be a very soothing presence in my own sometimes turbulent life as a mother. Her calm demeanor and very gentle way of interacting with her daughter, as well as the world around her have always been for me a wonderful break from the frustration that raising two little monkeys can bring! I know I can always count of having a giggle over something totally silly with Lisa, even if I’ve just walked out of the doors of my overly messy house with two rambunctious preschoolers and have been feeling like tearing my hair out… It’s always such a nice change to just chat and have a little laugh and to remember that all this shall pass and there are plenty of good things to celebrate, too. For me, Lisa’s presence is always a reminder of this very important wisdom because that is how she lives her life!” (Mom of 3)
“First and foremost Lisa was very genuine and secondly, not judgmental in anyway.  She realizes all families are unique and she meets you where you are at.  I think these are two factors crucial in having an effective parenting coach.  There is a lot of information out there and we were uncertain what to do.  We had  tried a variety of techniques, but none of them had worked. We were at a loss as to what to do next and were shy about asking for help.  Thankfully we found Lisa.  She works with your own individual family dynamic to find solutions that work for you.  Half the time it’s just knowing the right words to convey the message you want your child to hear.  Lisa has lots of great ideas for what to say and teaches you how to come up with these ideas your self.  She has great information about real strategies that actually work but still allow a respectful and nurturing relationship to thrive.  Thank you Lisa for all your help, it has made a world of difference to our family.”  SW & KW
“I found your talk very helpful and poignant and will be recommending you whenever I get the chance.”   A.W.
“Thank you again for your contributions that will last a lifetime.” G.H.
“For all you have done we are incredibly grateful. The wonders and magic of the world have been made more apparent to all of us because of you.” S.H. family
“Lisa Kathleen is a rare find. She enjoys the precious present with grace and wisdom…and will be an incredible asset to whomever she works with.” C.H. family
“Truly one of the most grounded and insightful people I know!  Lisa has made significant contributions to my life by way of her keen observations and her skillful way of helping me to discover better ways to handle situations and/or people that were immediately applicable.  She has been a delight to work with and I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly.  Thanks Lisa!”  M.D.
“The information and enthusiasm was awesome.  I very much appreciate your time and knowledge.”  T.B.
“This was very informative.  I learnt a lot of new info and new ideas.  Thank you!”
Update: “He is now sleeping for a full 2 1/2 or 3 hour nap in the mornings, and we are working on lengthening his afternoon sleeps, too!”  B.M.
“She has stopped struggling against sleep, most of the time.  I found that if I can get the timing right, it’s pretty easy most days.”  M.M.
“I really enjoyed talking to you today… I found the session extremely informative. Thank you so much for taking the time to offer me the consult. I really appreciate it and I will be spreading the word about your services. I loved it. Very helpful. I am going to start practicing some of the ideas we talked about today and will keep you posted on how everything works out.  Thank you again Lisa.  I know that the ideas you put forth will be a big help.”
Next-day update: “Thank you Lisa!  (My son) had a wonderful night last night and I know it was because I really focused on getting in tune with his sleep pattern rather than focusing on the schedule and time!  Thank you!” A.Y.
“I love your vision and your enthusiasm for bringing out the best in people – parents, children, youths.  As always you have this way about looking at life that simply brings me such joy. Thanks for articulating the normal 3-4 year old behaviour in such a great way!”  C.H.


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