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Update: As you know, we have embarked on our California Adventure and are not offering regular classes in Calgary at this time.

However, I’m still here for you!

Together, we can set up classes for 10 or more people…

Via Skype


Talk to me about when I will be in Southern California or Calgary and we can create something perfect for your needs!


Fly me anywhere in North America to facilitate a class tailored to your group


Here is a listing of the classes I offer:

My four signature series are designed to prepare you, at every level, to be the parent you want to be, prepared to parent in the rapidly changing world we live in today.

My Big Picture Parenting Series gives an overview, but you can start with any of the 4 series. All will give you important information that will shift your relationships with your children to a new level immediately. The 4 series’ work together to help you strengthen those relationships, deepen connection, and develop rock-solid bonds of trust within your family.

If you are having specific difficulties with discipline-related issues and you need some how-to’s for right now, starting with Big Picture Parenting or Pre-emptive Discipline will give you those specific tools.

Click here for our calendar or to get more information and details on how to register for each class.

Regular Series’

10-12 hours each

Big Picture Parenting

The Four Things You Must Do
To Stay Connected
And Help Your Children Thrive
In Today’s World

* Examining Ourselves, Our Triggers, and the Parenting We Experienced
* Building Connection for the Long-Term
* Rewards, Punishments, Praise and Shame: Why They Don’t Work and What to Do Instead
* Creating the Environment in Which Your Child Can Thrive


Pre-Emptive Discipline

Turning Challenging Situations
Into Opportunities
To Build Deeper Relationships

This 4-class series focuses on developing a specific plan for your specific trigger situations with your children. We will identify and explore those triggers, work with understanding your child, clearly expressing your concerns, and developing an effective plan that feels right to you.


Power Play

Understanding Your Child’s Inner Life
for Long-Term Connection

This class illuminates your child’s exploration of power through death, violence, sex, gender roles, power games, and superheroes. It sheds light on the developmental stages, and how to support your child’s exploration while empowering him or her to use that power wisely.


The Happiness of the Child

Montessori Information Series

Wanting to understand Montessori philosophy and methodology to support your child in the home? This class is perfect for parents of children in Montessori schools, homeschoolers, and parents who want to offer their children more in the home in a way that inspires interdependence, enthusiastic love of learning, and a deep sense of connection to humanity and the Earth.


Regular Classes

2 hours each class

Alternative and Traditional Schooling Options in Calgary

Understand Options
Consider Priorities
Explore Choices

Timing or location not right? Click here to get more information about Your Complete School Choice System: Audio and Workbook.


Get Sleep Now

The Three Keys to Making Supportive Night-time Parenting Work

Timing or location not right? Click here to get more information about Get Sleep Now: Audio and Workbook.


Big Picture Parenting Signature Program

The Four Things You Must Do
To Stay Connected
And Help Your Children Thrive
In Today’s World

This 1 or 2-hour program is guaranteed to entertain, uplift, inspire, and inform.
Click here to inquire about bringing Lisa Kathleen to your group, anywhere in North America.



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