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Hi, I’m Lisa Kathleen!  Yes, I know that’s confusing, but you can call me Lisa, or Lisa Kathleen.  Either one is fine:).
My goal is to build long-term relationships with families.  I want to get to know you, and your children, over the years.  I’d love for you to know me, too!  Here’s a little bit more about myself…

I love to think of myself as a parenting geek.  By the time I was 15 years old, I was a seasoned babysitter, and had read more than 30 books about children, teaching, and parenting – for fun!  Before I even had my own children, parents in the Montessori schools I worked at asked me for advice.  I’d always squirm a little, and say, “I don’t know – I’m not a parent yet, but have you tried this…?”  Those parents came back to me, thrilled with the results. After 30 years of working with children and parents, you are still likely to find me under the table making balloon animals with the little ones at a party, or reading yet another book about parenting.  If you want to see me get all excited, ask me a parenting question and watch me go!

Through my experience as a results-focused parenting coach, a Montessori teacher, a parent, and a school administrator, I have observed that most parents these days are doing a lot of things right!  In most cases, a few tweaks can help parents feel really good about about who and how they are as a parent.  Seeing parents step into confidence, follow their intuition, and trust themselves is a huge part of what makes me tick.

I have lived, worked, and studied all over the world, and have worked extensively with both gifted children and children with special needs.  I always wonder, “Isn’t every child gifted, with special needs?”  I’ve parented a teenager with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder through the teen years, and I am Joyful Mama to my first baby, a eleven-year-old girl who loves singing, lemonade stands, and spending time at Grandma’s cabin.

I believe that sustainable relationships are the key to a sustainable world, and that committed parents, one family at a time, are changing the world by sharing respectful problem-solving skills with their children.

I also believe that parenting is the best personal development course out there.  Your children will push every button you have, and discover new buttons with every age and stage.  Parenting brings life in a full circle, and gives us the opportunity and the motivation to heal ourselves, our children, and our Earth.

If you are looking for powerful support, compassionate wisdom, and a light at the end of the tunnel,

Full Circle Parenting is for you!

Call me and get yourself on the road to total parenting peace of mind today…I look forward to connecting with you!

“Your deep concern and commitment for and to the children are always evident. They are most fortunate (to be affected by) your generous spirit and enormous heart.” N.L.

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